Fortuna – Roman Goddess of Luck Shines on New 2 oz Silver Coin

Introducing the exquisite 2 oz silver coin, a magnificent homage to the revered goddess Fortuna. This coin is a true tribute to her ageless attractiveness, celebrated for her hilarious spirit and relationship with fortune, destiny, and wealth. She is esteemed across different societies for her mythical significance. Fortuna is a celebrated Roman goddess connected with luck, wealth, and future prosperity. She is often shown as a woman holding a cornucopia and a wheel of fortune, both classic motifs representing the shifting tides of destiny. 

In the Roman era, Fortuna was revered as a deity capable of bestowing prosperity and plenty and changing a person’s fate. Her presence is felt strongly in ancient Rome’s arts and folklore, with images of her decorating various items, notably coins and murals. The Fortuna 2 oz silver coin is an excellent asset to any collection, whether you are a seasoned collector or just drawn to the allure of luck and fortune.


Fortuna, also referred to as Fort┼źna in Latin and akin to the Greek goddess Tyche held the role of the goddess of fortune in Roman religion. She symbolized luck. Her popularity endured from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. A ship’s rudder (gubernaculum), a ball or Rota Fortunae (wheel of fortune), and a horn of abundance were common depictions of Fortuna.

She possessed the power to bring either favorable or unfavorable outcomes, and she was frequently depicted as concealed and blind, resembling contemporary portrayals of Lady Justice, although she did not wield a balance. Fortuna gained recognition as representing life’s inherent unpredictability and was revered as a deity associated with destiny. As Atrox Fortuna, she bore the responsibility for the tragic deaths of Gaius and Lucius, the grandsons of the princeps Augustus. These young men, who held the potential to become heirs to the Empire, met their untimely demise under her influence.

The Greek pantheon inspired the Roman goddess Tyche, sometimes known as Fortuna. Tyche was Aphrodite’s daughter in Greece, and her temples, such as the Tychaeon in Alexandria, were regarded as the most gorgeous in the Hellenic realm. She remained influential after being embraced by the Romans and renamed Fortuna. She was highly acclaimed and influential beyond ancient and medieval times. Her duty remained constant: to bring good fortune.

Design of Fortuna 2 oz Silver Coin

Lady Fortuna is shown magnificently on the front side of the Fortuna silver coin, seated in a garden filled with flowers. She is holding a cornucopia, which represents riches and prosperity, as well as a wheel of fate, which means the volatility of life and the importance of chance. The attraction, ambiguity, and power of the coin are all expressed by its complex intricacies, which have been meticulously sculpted by the designers. 

The coin has a distinct luster and attractiveness due to unique processes and high-quality artistry. The Niue Public Seal is in the middle of the reverse face. Intricate Renaissance-era European big palaces are echoed in the flourishing pattern that encircles it. 

This reverse design is commonly used throughout the T&S range, not just in this series, which is a great idea. This beautiful design replaces the standard effort featured in many of Niue’s recent issues.

This stellar creation solidifies T&S Coin’s reputation as a noteworthy mint, joining the ranks of esteemed producers like CIT, Mint XXI, and Precious Metal Collectors, where artistic value and technical brilliance are intricately intertwined. Fortuna will be limited to a 500-piece mintage, each accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and housed in a custom box.

Coin Details: Specification

Face Value5 Dollars
Weight (g)62.2
Diameter (mm)55
QualityAntiqued Finish
Mintage (psc)555
Certificate (COA)Yes

One can appreciate this coin’s stunning aesthetics while recognizing that fate is unpredictable and chance can quickly shift. Fortuna coin encourages us to embrace transformations, trust in our abilities, and confront life’s obstacles optimistically. 

You can buy this Fortuna silver coin from various esteemed dealers. Acquiring this coin for your collection invites Fortuna, the goddess of fortune, to bless your endeavors with success and prosperity.