Located at the core of Melbourne, Florida, The Highland Mint is a producer of precious metals. In fact, it is known for its remarkable quality and artisanship. Being a private mint establishment, it is adept at making a variety of items. In fact, the list includes everything from collectible coins, commemorative medallions, to several products crafted out of gold, silver, and copper. At the Highland Mint, it has been a practice to merge modern minting methods with traditional expertise. In this article, we’ll discuss all about the Highland Mint and the products it builds. Read along to learn more!

About the Highland Mint

The Highland Mint was founded during the early 1980s and is an incredibly renowned private minting firm that builds collectible coins, medallions, and a variety of other products made with a series of precious metals.

To date, it has been best known for producing high-quality semi-numismatic and bullion products. In fact, it predominantly uses materials like gold, silver, and copper. The Highland Mint, operating from the heart of Melbourne, Florida. Florida has made a name for itself as an acknowledged official licensee for a number of professional sports leagues over the years. 

Throughout the time, it has collected a name for minting commemorative coins and medallions embellished with team logos of several recognized leagues, including Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), and National Basketball Association (NBA).

Furthermore, the Highland Mint solidifies its reputation in metal minting, yielding an assortment of generic 1 oz silver rounds, where each of them is made of .999 fine silver.

Popular Highland Mint Bullion Products

The Highland Mint Bullion houses several popular products. Some of them include:

The Walking Liberty Silver bars

Walking Liberty Silver bars

Adolph Weinman’s design, “The Walking Liberty,” was picked as the winner of a competition held by the Commission of Fine Arts to choose the pictures for new coins issued by the US Mint. Weinman’s designs were among the selected few and were later adapted for the new half-dollar coins that debuted in 1916.

Later, in 1986, the US Mint chose Weinman’s designs to be featured on the newly launched American Eagle silver coin. These are some of the highlights of the Weinman’s designs:

  • Content: These are the Highland mint silver bars containing 1 oz of .999 fine silver.
  • Manufacturer: The Highland Mint in the USA.
  • Obverse: Reproduction of Walking Liberty with weight, purity, and country of origin indicated.
  • Reverse: Repeating of the hallmark pattern.

Buffalo Design silver bars

Buffalo Design silver bars

These 1 oz highland mint silver bars, which are among the most well-known of their kind, feature the traditional buffalo design that was mainly influenced by the Fraser Nickel.  If you look closely on the front, the bar’s weight and purity are marked, along with the number one incorporated into the design. Upon closer inspection, you can find phrases like “Made in USA” and the “HM” hallmark of the mint on the bottom side. If you look at the back of the bar, it showcases a unique diagonal diamond pattern.

A few features of the Buffalo 1 oz Silver Bars:

Produced using a single troy ounce of fine silver (.999).

Composed in the United States.

If you look at the front, it exhibits the renowned buffalo design. It also houses the assay information and the mint’s hallmark.

The back highlights an exclusive diamond structure with lines embossed diagonally.

Santa’s List

Santa’s List

Santa’s list has been a term used for years, and generation after generation, to differentiate between notorious and well-mannered kids. It has been a way to encourage pleasant behavior among children just as they got closer to Christmas. In the year 2019, the Highland Mint launched its festive Christmas Rounds and Bars collection, exhibiting the unique “Santa’s List” design.

The Highland Mint is a privately owned establishment incredibly recognized for its unparalleled silver craftsmanship and the production of superior silver goods all over the nation. The “Santa’s List” silver bar showcases Santa Clause working hard at work, reviewing his list by a fireplace. The bar flaunts a cozy, adorned living room, reflecting Santa’s list reading, with the inscription that reads “Merry Christmas” on the front side of the .999 pure highland mint silver rounds.

Is the Highland Mint ISO-certified?

It definitely is. The Highland Mint is indeed ISO-certified. Precisely, the Highland Mint is an ISO 9001 certified Mint.


The Highland Mint is renowned for its quality and workmanship for years in a row now. It offers you a wide choice of products too, from personalized minting services to silver rounds. Summing up, this guide is your go-to for all fundamental details about Highland Mint!