Explore 9Fine Mint, APMEX, Inc.’s iconic subsidiary, transforming the precious metals industry. 9Fine Mint, known for its clean technology and futuristic production, makes a distinctive line of US-made silver bullion items. Explore innovation, excellence, and a seamless union of heritage and modernity.

About 9Fine Mint

An industry pioneer for more than 15 years, APMEX, Inc. is a parent company of 9Fine Mint. Under the brand name of 9Fine Mint, APMEX has introduced its silver product line within a competitive price range. The company focuses on clean technology, leveraging various techniques to offer a futuristic interpretation of a definitive production process. All of its bullion products are crafted in the United States. It upholds a well-established track record of consistently satisfying customers. Whether you are searching for silver for investment purposes or collection, this esteemed Mint combines quality and trust distinctively and boldly.

History of 9Fine Mint

The story of 9Fine Mint is marked by innovation, quality, and commitment. It reshaped the traditional landscape of the Precious Metals industry. The journey of the mint began as a passion project backed by one of the most prominent names in Precious Metals, APMEX. Meeting the fineness requirements for Precious Metals IRAs, 9Fine Mint goes beyond offering visually appealing products. The ISO 9001 certification underscores the highest standards in its production processes. 

Originating in the United States, 9Fine Mint is a testament to efficient, eco-friendly production. They combine cutting-edge techniques with the finest grain to create high-quality Silver products. Its silver line not only captures attention visually but also offers a solid investment for the future.

Popular 9Fine Mint Products

What sets 9Fine Mint apart is the visual appeal and the thoughtful consideration given to the entire product experience. The custom packaging, designed with a keen eye for detail, not only enhances the aesthetics of .999 fine silver but also ensures secure storage.

9Fine Mint Silver Rounds

The Mint’s commitment to high-quality silver extends to its line of Silver rounds. These rounds, known for their manageable size, offer an attractive alternative with lower premiums compared to government-backed Silver coins. Here are some of the best Mint Silver Rounds:

1 oz Silver Industrial Logo Round

  • Features: The striking 3D logo, boldly mirrored on this round, pays homage to the industrial roots of Silver production. 
  • Obverse: A clean and contemporary appearance with the prominent 9Fine Mint logo at the forefront. It also has details like weight (1 oz)and purity (.999 fine) details.
  • Reverse: Displays a mirrored 3D image of the Mint logo.

1 oz Silver Radial Round

  • Features: The radial-line backgrounds in government-backed Silver coins have inspired the design of this 1 oz Silver round. 
  • Obverse: Bold radial lines emanate from a prominent numeral “9” at the center, creating a play of light and shadows.
  • Reverse: Features the same radial pattern along the circumference. This radial motif seamlessly encircles the Silver weight and purity details on the reverse.

1 oz Silver Diamond Pattern Round

  • Features: The 1 oz Silver round features a unique “Diamond Pattern” design. 
  • Obverse: Showcases a repeated diamond-shaped design above and below the Mint logo.
  • Reverse: Repeated diamond shapes encompassing the circular 9, with weight and purity details.

1 oz Silver Beehive Round

  • Features: This 1 oz Silver round boasts a unique beehive design. 
  • Obverse: Showcases a honeycomb design above and below the central Mint logo.
  • Reverse: Depicts the same honeycomb design featured on the obverse, with the weight and purity details.

All of these rounds contain 1 oz of .999 fine silver and have a diameter of 39 mm and a thickness of 2.8 mm. 

9Fine Mint Specials

Apart from silver rounds, Mint has added some special silver products in the following variants:

Silver Shamrock

The four-leaf clover, a sign of luck for centuries, now comes together with the value of silver. Crafted with precision, the hand-poured silver adds a unique charm to this lucky symbol. 9Fine Mint wanted to bring a fresh approach to an ancient industry. This exceptional hand-poured Silver piece achieves that goal, blending tradition with innovation.

2 o.z. Hand Hand-poured Silver Shamrock

These hand-poured Shamrock bars are made of .999 fine silver. Product highlights:

  • Features: It contains 2 oz of .999 fine silver. Packaged in black and orange protective plastic for added security.
  • Obverse: Shaped like a four-leaf clover.
  • Reverse: The design features weight and purity alongside the distinctive Mint logo.


The cross, an iconic symbol of Early Christianity since the 2nd century, has roots in religious significance dating back to the European Bronze Age around 3200 B.C. Combining this enduring symbol with the everlasting appeal of silver, 9Fine Mint presents an exquisite Silver cross. Crafted by hand, these crosses have a beautiful, shiny finish. The meticulous hand-pouring process ensures each cross is unique. 

2 o.z. Hand Poured Silver Cross

These hand-poured bars are also made of .999 fine silver. Product highlights:

  • Features: It contains 2 oz of .999 fine silver. Packaged in black and orange protective plastic for added security.
  • Obverse: Lists the weight and purity alongside the distinctive Mint logo.
  • Reverse: Intentionally left blank, emphasizing the uniqueness of each hand-poured piece.


With a forward-looking approach, every 9Fine Mint bar balances the traditional and the modern. Here are some highlights:

  • Features: Each bar contains .999 fine silver and has sleek black and orange packaging.
  • Obverse: Includes the weight and purity and the Mint logo.
  • Reverse: Each bar features sharp lines that offer a sleek appearance. 

9Fine Mint Silver Bars for Sale at Different Dealers

Those who want to make extraordinary investments can count on 9Fine Mint for a forward-looking, high-quality experience. Their silver products breathe fresh air into the traditional world of precious metals. The Mint combines modern appeal, innovative technology, and eco-friendly production. 

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  3. JM Bullion
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People Also Ask

1) What is 9Fine Mint?

9Fine Mint is an APMEX, Inc. subsidiary that offers a variety of silver items at reasonable prices.

2) Is 9Fine Mint legit?

Yes! Its silver products are .999 pure and backed by APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange).

3) Does the US Mint make silver bars?

No! The US Mint does not make silver bars. It makes officially circulated coins like American Eagles and investment-grade bullion coins. 

4) Which mint is best for silver?

9Fine Mint is one of the best manufacturers of high-quality silver products.

5) Why are silver bars so expensive?

Indeed, silver is a precious metal, and bars made from it are valued highly because of its intrinsic metal worth.

6) Is it reasonable to invest in silver?

Certainly! Silver is an excellent inflation hedge. It diversifies portfolios and minimizes risk during economic downturns.