SilverTowne, situated in Winchester, Indiana, is one of the private mints in the United States. SilverTowne’s history dates back to 1949, but in the early 1970s, they started producing some of their products. Today, they are well-known for consistently delivering high-quality silver bullion products. In this article, we will explore the broad range of bullion products minted by Silver Towne using its in-house best facilities.

About SilverTowne Mint

Silver Towne Mint has worked with precious metals to serve the wholesale and retail industries. As one of the biggest private mints in North America today, their bullion output satisfies the global needs of investment bankers and bullion dealers. Its dedication to fusing the most modern technology with Old World artistry has named it the “best of both worlds” mint. The custom-minting of bullion, from fine art pieces to corporate challenge products, is another area of expertise for Silver Towne.

SilverTowne History

Established in 1973 by husband-and-wife co-founders Leon and Ruhama Hendrickson, SilverTowne Mint has been producing high-quality precious metals that have grown in popularity.

Although the minting facility was recently founded, the Hendricksons had already set this path in 1949 when they started a small family-run business dealing with numismatics and precious metals. However, they identified the increasing demand for bullion products as investment assets and collectibles.

Using Bliss Press and Nickel Presses, SilverTowne Mint has been minting products since 1973 and continues to do so yearly.

Over more than ten years, the business experienced an unparalleled expansion. As a result of this rapid growth, the previous facility became an obstacle to meeting the demand for SilverTowne bullion products. Consequently, the facility was relocated to a significantly larger space in Winchester, Indiana, where it remains.

SilverTowne began providing custom minting services for bullion products such as rounds, bars, and medals to individuals, companies, and governments. Even today, their custom imprints are considered the best option for North American businesses seeking unique promotions, such as commissioning coins or souvenirs featuring the company logo.

SilverTowne Mint Process Facilities

SilverTowne Mint has a full-service minting facility located in beautiful Winchester, Indiana. SilverTowne Mint provides the best bullion and semi-numismatic product creation under one roof, from custom dies to hand-enameling.

1. Melting Silver

The process of melting starts by using large format bars (weighing 1,000 oz) refined commercially. These bars are LBMA-approved and COMEX-certified before being molded into forms compatible with the necessary equipment and techniques. The silver is melted at a temperature exceeding 1760 degrees during this process. Solid strips are created using continuous casting furnaces to transform the silver, which is then cut to specific thicknesses and cut to length. The thickness of the strips is then reduced to product-specific thicknesses by the mint, using breakdown and finish mills. The thickness is measured in micrometers to ensure precise results.

2. Die Production

Master engravers with 25 or more years of experience produce all of Silver Towne Mint’s dies in-house. Some skilled craftsmen use the “Old School” Pantograph engraving machines and techniques to create exceptional quality and individuality hand-sculpted dies. Other master engravers use modern CNC and Laser engraver technologies to craft more intricate designs. These advanced machines allow for unique backgrounds and finishing techniques previously unavailable to customers. 

3. Artwork Integration

Artwork transfer demands precision, whether a Vector file or a simple hand-drawn image. The artwork is manually transferred and converted into a digital model using templates or computer software. From the depths of the 3-D elevation of the model image, a Die Block is cut with either a pantograph or a digitally controlled CNC Engraver. Finally, the skilled polishers add the finishing or enhanced graphics to the die by hand or using the Laser Engraver.

Silver Bullion By the SilverTowne Mint

SilverTowne Mint offers a variety of products that showcase replicas and reinterpretations of classic coins and significant American symbols. This allows for a cost-effective investment in silver with patriotic designs, such as rounds and bars.

SilverTowne Minted Silver Bars

SilverTowne minted silver bars are available in different weight categories: 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, 100 oz, and 1/2 oz.

1. Buffalo Replica

Silver investors favor silver bars, and SilverTowne’s five-ounce bars are trendy. These bars comprise five troy ounces of .999 fine silver and may offer a more affordable cost-per-ounce over the spot. The design of these silver bars features a replication of the buffalo silver round. The Indian head design, created by James Earle Fraser for the 1913 buffalo nickel, is depicted on the front of the bars. The back of the bars features the renowned buffalo design.

2. SilverTowne Trademark Eagle

Among the silver bullion offerings from SilverTowne, the 10 oz SilverTowne Eagle silver bar stands out for its unique two-sided design. The bar’s obverse features an elegant depiction of a bald eagle about to land on a tree branch, which makes it particularly appealing to collectors. The bar’s stamps under the eagle indicate that it contains “ten troy ounces” of “.999 fine silver”. On the reverse side, the silver bar features an exceptional waffle pattern, with the well-known miner logo of the SilverTowne Mint situated at the bottom.

3. American Flag

All 1 oz SilverTowne American Flag silver bars display the national flag of the United States on their obverse side. The flag has had a consistent design since the country’s Declaration of Independence in 1776. The original design, which featured 13 stripes and a blue canton with 13 five-pointed stars, was adopted on June 14, 1777.

A generic design finish is featured on the reverse side of these SilverTowne American Flag silver bars. The bars are adorned with a cluster of leaves on either side, including engravings of the weight and purity above and below a blank field.

Silver Towne Mint also Produces Popular Silver Bars Mentioned Below

– SilverTowne Money Bars

– SilverTowne Trademark 

SilverTowne Minted Silver Rounds

The Silver Towne Mint offers a wide range of silver rounds, including 1 oz, 5 oz, Fractional Silver, and 1/2oz Special Occasion silver rounds.

1. Buffalo Replicas

The Silver Towne Mint Buffalo Replica silver round, weighing 1 oz of .999 fine silver, was designed based on the buffalo nickel that showcased Black Diamond. This massive buffalo was a popular tourist attraction in Central Park, New York. On the obverse side, the round features an image of a Native American man and the word “LIBERTY”. On the reverse side, the design displays a buffalo, the terms “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” and information of the metal type, weight, and purity.

2. Fractional Medallions

SilverTowne Mint offers Fractional Medallions silver rounds that weigh less than one troy ounce. These fractional silver products can be a cost-effective alternative for investors and collectors who want to purchase only part of the ounce or more in one go. They come in different weights, including 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz.

3. Stackables™

These interlocking medallions are custom-minted at the SilverTowne Mint, making them perfect for stacking without fear of toppling. They are not only convenient to store but are also visually appealing. The SilverTowne guarantees the quality of every item and keeps pricing up-to-date with the current spot market to ensure you get the best possible price at the time of purchase.

4. Special Occasion

Silver Towne Mint offers special occasion half-ounce silver bullion for Christmas, gifts, and Halloween collections.

5. Silver Replica Bullets

The SilverTowne Replica silver bullets are available in different weights, such as 1 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz.

6. 45 Caliber Replica

Its selection of silver replicas stands out among the diverse range of silver products SilverTowne Mint creates. One of their most popular items is the 1 oz .45 Caliber silver bullet replica, which appeals to firearm fans and those who love collecting silver. The product is made from .999 fine silver, ensuring its purity. It’s important to note that while the replica looks like a real bullet, it cannot be fired from an actual weapon.

7. 308 Caliber Replica

Their collection includes a highly sought-after item, the 2 oz .308 Caliber silver bullet replica. This replica is equally popular among collectors and investors, just like the .45 Caliber.

8. 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Replica

SilverTowne Mint also offers replicas of 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells made of silver. These replicas are another unique offering that appeals to silver collectors and firearm enthusiasts. Like other silver bullet replicas, the 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell replicas are made of pure silver and crafted to resemble actual shotgun shells closely.

9. 50 Caliber Replica

The 5 oz .50-caliber silver bullet replica from SilverTowne Mint is another popular item for collectors and investors. Like the other silver bullet replicas you’ve inquired about, these are crafted to mimic the appearance of actual ammunition while being made of pure, fine silver.


SilverTowne Mint is well-known for creating high-quality bullion products with intricate designs. If you collect precious metals, consider choosing Silver Towne Mint to add charm to your collection.