Silver rounds have always been a popular option for three reasons. First, silver rounds protect against inflation while being the safest investment option. Second, it’s a more stable investment option than heavy-risk options like crypto coins. Last but not least, some buy them as collectibles whose price increases over a period of time. 

One-ounce silver rounds are among the most popular, as even beginner investors with low budgets can invest in these rounds. Asahi Mint is widely recognized as a highly reputable source for investors seeking 1 oz silver rounds. This article will discuss Asahi Mint’s latest silver round releases and where you can buy them.  

About Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining is a popular precious metal refining, trading, and manufacturing company. They are also known worldwide for their bullion products made from silver, gold, and platinum. 

Asahi Refining was founded in Japan in 1912 and soon established itself as a trusted leader in the precious metal industry. It quickly expanded in North America in the 1970s and opened its first mint in Florida in 1973. They also manufacture collectible coins. 

Asahi Refining’s minted bars and rounds are created utilizing innovative methods to deliver the finest products. An LBMA London Good Delivery and COMEX-approved refiner, Asahi Refining’s bars and rounds are Gold IRA eligible.

History of Asahi Mint

Tanishige, a blacksmith, opened a tiny workshop in Sakai. There, he established a metal refining process called ‘Tokujo’. Tokujo involved heating and hammering the metal until it was malleable. The metal is used even today. Tanishige and his successors have laid the groundwork for Asahi’s success today. 

Asahi Mint releases Silver Rounds on several occasions. They have also released a new silver round for the upcoming year, the 2024 Asahi 1 oz Silver Dragon Lunar Round, commemorating the Lunar Year of Dragon. 

New Release Silver Rounds by Asahi Mint

Below, we have given a quick overview of all the latest 1 oz silver rounds from Asahi Mint.

#1. Asahi 1 oz Silver Dragon Lunar Round 2024 

2024 Asahi 1 oz Silver Dragon Lunar Round is a Chinese Lunar New Year coin. It’s a beautiful blend of Chinese tradition, craftsmanship, and shining silver. It’s a unique collector’s edition featuring ancient Chinese culture. This silver round symbolizes the dragon’s power, strength, wisdom, and fortune. 

Key Features of 1 oz Silver Dragon Lunar Round:

  • Contains .999 fine silver. 
  • Weighs 1 oz. 
  • It’s suitable for precious metals IRA.
  • Asahi Refinery provides quality assurance. 

#2. 1 oz Asahi Silver “Logo” Round (New)

1 oz Asahi Silver “Logo” Round is Asahi Mint’s most popular silver round, featuring a stylized Asahi refining logo on the obverse and a repeating pattern logo on the reverse.  1 oz silver round is made of 0.999 fine silver and has a weight of 1 troy ounce. 

#3. 2023 Silver 1 oz Asahi Christmas Round

Celebrate Christmas with this adorable 1 oz Merry Christmas 2023 round. It showcases a Christmas tree with ornaments and snowflakes. Similar to the 1 oz Asahi silver Logo round, the Asahi Christmas Round is made from .999 silver and weighs 1 troy ounce. It displays the greeting “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” around a snowflake design.

Best Place to buy Asahi Mint Products 

You must buy Asahi Mint products from a trusted dealer like Apmex, JM Bullion, BOLD Precious Metal, etc. Apart from Asahi Mint products, you can also purchase products from other famous mints, like:

  • United States Mint
  • Scottsdale Mint
  • Perth Mint 
  • Germania Mint

You can’t buy all the bullion products or rounds from these mints. But you can undoubtedly buy silver rounds from esteemed dealers in the market at affordable prices. 


Asahi has established itself as a trusted mint for collecting or investing in silver rounds. Buying from Asahi Mint offers several benefits, such as quality assurance, various designs, and the highest purity. It’s essential to buy from a trusted source, and there are many reputable dealers where you can purchase Asahi Mint silver rounds. Compare prices from various dealers and buy the highest quality Asahi Mint silver rounds to elevate your portfolio.